Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day!

This Christmas was absolutely wonderful. We had a delightful year. Lilly stayed with us for the week. My parents, Melissa, and Elias came on Christmas Day.

My kids were the most grateful, sweetest kids on Christmas. I loved seeing how thankful and excited they were for the day. My heart was so full, and I am so thankful for my family!! This was probably my most favorite Christmas yet!

 photo IMG_9149_zpsio9t07il.jpg

 photo IMG_9151_zpsy0ucdja2.jpg

 photo IMG_9153_zpsisk6iulz.jpg

 photo IMG_9157_zpsbbgdwete.jpg

 photo IMG_9154_zpsmzimbble.jpg

 photo IMG_9160_zpshkjnxjhf.jpg

 photo IMG_9161_zpshpakmzp6.jpg

 photo IMG_9170_zpsxeuwjcpu.jpg

 photo IMG_9172_zpsnq70dncy.jpg

 photo IMG_9174_zpso2urve4s.jpg

 photo IMG_9177_zpsofyokvqt.jpg

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