Saturday, December 17, 2016

Levi's PreK Christmas Program

Levi was a wise man in his school's Christmas program. And his cuteness level might just have killed me. I couldn't stop smiling. He did not sing very loudly, and he seems to be shy on stage...but at home, he will belt out "Happy Birthday, Jesus!"...a darling song!

 photo IMG_9025_zpsf5qxatx2.jpg

 photo IMG_9028_zps6ta0ufxe.jpg

 photo IMG_9030_zpsfkgfzerq.jpg

 photo IMG_9038_zpsmiza8p4y.jpg

 photo IMG_9051_zpsh92mudvm.jpg

 photo IMG_9052_zpslucd9zfg.jpg

 photo IMG_9057_zpsl9xdem51.jpg

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