Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Playroom Becomes An Office

When we first moved into our house, we decided to use one of the bedrooms as an office-playroom. Our ministry is based out of our house, so Brett and I both utilize the office space on a very consistent basis (him more than me).

This year, I decided to change our front living room to a homeschool room (which is not beautiful, but it is functional). In the process, the office-playroom has become mostly just used for an office. The kids love the space of the front living room, and I think Brett enjoys having the office available anytime he needs it. The office closet still houses toys and things, but the room is no longer a playroom (the kids are obviously allowed to play in it; they just usually choose not to!).  

The original playroom-office was decorated more like a playroom. When we bought our house, I was new to Pinterest and very inspired to create a fun space for my kids. As it turns out, the decor was not really that inspiring. My kids couldn't care less what it looked like.

A few weeks ago, as I have been post-pregnancy nesting (I was too tired to nest while pregnant), I decided to give the office a more office-y feel. Fortunately, we have no shortage of Florida State decor to use, so I decided to go with a FSU-theme. Brett isn't so much of a fan of the shrine to him, but our kids love it....and I think friends/guests enjoy seeing it, as well. Even though it is unimportant to Brett, I think it is a fun part of his history. Plus, it's free decor, and it also frees up space where I was storing it all.

Here is the after....

This is not a great picture (with the lighting).  I moved the couch in here to give a place for people to sit and also to use for overnight guests (I really wish I would have had the foresight to get a pull-out bed in the couch).  It's not ideal, but it's better than sleeping in the living room :).

Proof we graduated from college :):
I kept the chalkboard wall, because my kids do play with that!

Brett hasn't seen the finished product yet! I hope he likes it!!

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