Monday, August 18, 2014

Levi is 2....2 months ago

Levi turned 2.....awhile back :).  I already wrote a blog about that.
I just took pictures today.  It rained A LOT this summer, so anytime I would remember to do it, there would be a downpour.

While taking pictures for the first day of school, it was easy to just take Levi's too!

I would feel bad that I put off the pictures so long because he's the 4th.....but this kid is SPOILED.  Seriously.  Everyone is our family adores him and babies him (even the other kids).  So there is no denying this boy is well loved!!

 photo IMG_7526_zps89750c36.jpg

 photo IMG_7533_zpsd3cee87a.jpg

 photo IMG_7536_zps46f01ab5.jpg

 photo IMG_7538_zps5d05e1ed.jpg

Capturing his teeth at this age
 photo IMG_7541_zps215376b0.jpg

 photo IMG_7544_zps2d4b67cb.jpg

 photo IMG_7546_zps71efa4a7.jpg

 photo IMG_7547_zpsb0160f5e.jpg

 photo IMG_7549_zps184dfd18.jpg

 photo IMG_7552_zpsc5138599.jpg

 photo IMG_7557_zps13ca527b.jpg

 photo IMG_7559_zps57ae7c1c.jpg

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