Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chloe is 7

Chloe turned 7 last month, and I finally got her updated pictures.  She is so beautiful.  And her heart is even more precious.

 photo IMG_7695_zpsa1918741.jpg

 photo IMG_7754_zps16180f8a.jpg

 photo IMG_7753_zps3f4c2a83.jpg

 photo IMG_7752_zpsb4adf0ab.jpg

 photo IMG_7745_zpsf52097be.jpg

 photo IMG_7739_zps3775d780.jpg

 photo IMG_7688_zpsfedd8481.jpg

 photo IMG_7737_zpsd49a1c81.jpg

 photo IMG_7726_zps2e164514.jpg

Chloe being her silly self......
 photo IMG_7716_zps690600b6.jpg

 photo IMG_7714_zps788d0f8f.jpg

 photo IMG_7736_zpsfb5534ca.jpg

 photo IMG_7740_zps5d587cac.jpg

 photo IMG_7741_zps692c06cc.jpg

 photo IMG_7760_zpsbac630a8.jpg

What boys do while the girls take photos :)
 photo IMG_7708_zpse98ffc48.jpg

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