Wednesday, November 4, 2015


My parents, sisters, and I went to Chicago for the weekend in September.
This trip was so much fun, and it was a much needed break from life! We went to Women of Faith, ate lots of food, stayed in a nice hotel, and enjoyed one of my most favorite cities!!! It was AWESOME!

 photo IMG_1967_zpsyay2bcow.jpg

 photo IMG_1990_zpsrwxm6poz.jpg

 photo IMG_1975_zpss9twizfp.jpg

This is my parents' first apartment in the suburbs of Chicago. It's so fun to see where their story began!!
 photo IMG_1964_zpszi8ac1vc.jpg

 photo IMG_2008_zpsyzdzqkyi.jpg

 photo IMG_1972_zpsoiw7sljo.jpg

 photo IMG_2031_zps8fvx5ihm.jpg

 photo IMG_2032_zpsfbjtsv3w.jpg

 photo IMG_1999_zpsvnj9pjeu.jpg

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